"Strawberry Daiquiri" — taste of heaven — only in bar—club "Golden"
Despite the fact that it is possible to taste the "mother version" of the cocktail "Daiquiri" in bar—club "Golden", the other version — "Strawberry Daiquiri" — is preferred a lot more often. In the cocktail "Strawberry Daiquiri" the strawberry "meets" light rum, lime juice and orange liqueur. Delightful despite the season!
price: 10,00 eur
"Margarita" — moody cocktail
"Margarita" is one of those cocktails which is enjoyed despite the social status, depending only on the mood. Perhaps, the salty glaze on the edge of the glass is meant for those whose life is too sweet to be true. Perhaps, it is so sweet that only the salt can remind them of the other side of the deal. It is quite simple to make a cocktail "Margarita" — salt on the edge of the glass, white tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice. However, the best taste of our dear friend cocktail "Margarita" is available only in bar—club "Golden"!
price: 9,00 eur
Same ol' "Bloody Mary"
Historians are still fussing over the wonderful creation of the cocktail "Bloody Mary", as well as when was it done. But one thing is sure — our same ol' cocktail "Bloody Mary" has had its admirers from the very beginning of time. Many of them — in bar—club "Golden". Just as everywhere else, in bar—club "Golden" we make "Bloody Mary" by using vodka, tomato juice, freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt, pepper, "Tobasco" and "Worcestershire" sauce.
price: 10,00 eur
Cocktail Nr.2 — "Long Ice Land Tea"
The second most popular cocktail in bar—club "Golden" is the "Long Ice Land Tea". It is made with light rum, white tequila, orange liqueur, gin and vodka, along with juice of half a lemon and "Coca—Cola".
price: 13,00 eur
"Mojito" — "local" cocktail in bar—club "Golden"
"Mojito" — one of the most popular cocktails in bar—club "Golden". Bar—club "Golden" version of the cocktail "Mojito" consists of brown sugar, lime, mint — mashed with a pounder, white rum, crushed ice, carbonated or mineral water. It has a secret ingredient too — bartender's love and smile.
price: 10,00 eur