Seeking for their idendity people sometimes openly or secretly identify themselves with real persons or with those ones whom they have visualized. Any place is the best characterized by it’s customers. Everyone can get a sight on pictures and interior objects on the walls of our bar that are presents from artists and our customers. Anybody can much learn from these objects.

But before we gained recognition and received presents from customers we had to identify ourselves with somewhat or somebody.

That’s why we chose identify ourselves in the far year of 2008 with the flying thoughts of artists, that have been materialized now. Pictures allow to display these thoughts in a chick and unimposed manner.

Kārlis Vītol’s picture „Flirtation” was one of the first artworks. It was the vision of this artist about the bar-club Golden and its customers. Another works by this artist and his technique you can watch here.

Since 2009 the bar chose to identify itself with the photo art by photographer Juris Šulcs. All the images were presented in the exposition “Damned blessed” that took place on March 2009. "Damned blessed", “Phoebe dance” and “Satanic thirst” These works were multiplied on T-shirts, in adverts and used in forming the net place style, as well as using them as profile pictures of the bar network.

In 2013 the bar got a picture “The new guests” by Anda Dāniele.

The Golden customers were asked to name the characters in the picture that were chosen from a bowl by chance. There were leaflets with the possible names of personages and they were as follows:

Melforijs - the most mysterious character because we can see him utterly slightly on the left side with a stretched hand holding a leaflet with a print of lipstick and phone number +37125505050;

Artūrs - the personage on the left side dressed in a white dress with a black waistband observing all of us and who can bring about contemplation of feminine in each of us;

Goldenietis - the image with golden name dressed in a dark blue jacket, the only one who is sitting and sipping cocktail or some strong drink, the person who combines within himself asperity and mighty, and deep emotions;

Ieva - a quite Amazonian character who is standing beside Arthur, is dressed in a light blue coat with a glass of "Malbec" wine in her hand, interestedly watching Golden customer or Adrian, or either of them;

Adriāns - the person on the right side who has gamely dressed in an evening gown with open back, personifies the freedom of changing and magic of style;

The piece of art by Anda Dāniele also was used in printed advertisements, net place designing, in social networks, on T-shirts and even on matchboxes that are still distributed as gifts in the bar.

Answering the questions about missing the most discussed bar picture the head of the bar invented the story that the picture’s personages have gone to work for a while to earn money for entertainment. Some customers helped to adorn this story and devised professions for characters, as for instance:

Malfory has begun to work as a croupier. Adrian was elected in a high political post, but the others have begun to work as executives in the social net Facebook.

In reality the picture is placed in some person’s office at one of the most beautiful Latvian towns. But the personages will return back very soon in another picture.

In 2015 the Bar-club Golden chose to identify itself with the artwork “Together” by the artist Yauhen Sharaburko. Though the size of painting is not big, its reproduction is multiplied in a big way. It was used on visiting cards, drink menus as well as in adverts.

There was an opportunity for several months to view some of his artworks in the premises of the bar, for example such as “Arabesque” or “Woman in red”. The mentioned artworks and other paintings by Yauhen Sharaburko you can watch here.

The new painting “The goldeners” by Anda Dāniela was presented at the annual sense of changes of the year 2016, where one can see the previous personages from her painting “The new guests” (2013), who have returned from their “work”. Many customers are so burning to see these personages that they have even planned to make photo sessions to capture these characters in background.

That’s why the annual changes of 2016 are special because they will allow the customers to meet their beloved personages again. Great thanks to the artist Anda Dāniela for that, who is animated by human soft points of all spectra and which she willingly reveals in her paintings. Good-looking people, nice things, money, night-life, harmful habits, lust, suggestive situations and of course flirtation and a little bit of easy sex vibrating all around in the air. The pictures are definitely congenial for persons who taste the life without being afraid from their foibles, do not moralize and who can laugh at themselves.

In 2017, summarizing the results of goldeniers (Golden bar customers) inquiry, the characters of canvas „Goldeniers” by Anda Dāniele have got new names.

From left to right – the character with a bottle of Moeot in his hand became Martin, the characrer in a red dress became Marilyn, participants of the inquiry named the character in the white T-shirt with a glass of red wine in his hand as Dāvis, the character dressed in the black T-shirt became Robert, but to the character in the white dress and lively red hair was given the name Solvita.

Only time and stars will tell what will change in this immensity and when it will come about.

Thank you for patience and let our stories are in progress in these ceaseless stories of stories.

Whereas an inquiry was made in 2018 to make out in what brands are garbed the painting’s “Goldeniers” personage.

The results revealed the classical taste of goldeniers, because they chose to clothe Marilyn in a dress of sexy brand "Versace", for Davis they chose a sports shirt by “Calvin Clein”, for Robertu a smart shirt by “Armani”, and they chose to dress up Solvita in “Dior” glamouring dress.

Not to confuse the people who filled in the questionnaire, Martin was not included in this questionnaire because nobody knows anything of his clothes. In order the customers were more active in filling in this form, Anda has sketched a stimulating drawing "Naked and rich" that you can look at below.