Bar—club "Golden" is for people with liberal views, which is quite uncommon for Latvian society. 

Bar—club "Golden" is a place for LGBT+ community to have fun. One of the main aims of bar—club "Golden" is to gather tolerant people, who are able to cope with the beliefs and views of others. 

23.martā tehnoelektroniskās mūzikas vakars KLIK KLAK

IEEJAS MAKSA NO PLKST 22:45 LĪDZ plkst. 05:00 EUR 10,00

Open Hours

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Entrance fee and the rules

Entrance fee on Friday and Saturday from 23:00 till 4:00. Before and after these times the entrance is free!
Bar-club "Golden" is legally represented by Ltd. "Baltic Sun" (registration number 50003753101).
"Golden" can be attended from the age of 18 years

How to find us

Bar—club "Golden" is located in Rīga, 33/35 Ģertrūdes street (Ģertrūdes iela 33/35), LV—1011, Latvia, European Union.
Phone: +371 25 50 50 50